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Keri Brenner is a journalist whose work has appeared in The Oregonian, The Olympian, Marin Independent Journal, Patch and other publications. She can be reached at


Water for gold

On San Juan Ridge’s Jackass Flats, a gravel road that starts across the intersection from where James Berardi now sits, a moon-like expanse of jagged, exposed rock shrouds the view on one side, lasting for more than a mile. As far as Berardi, superintendent of Twin Ridges Elementary School District and principal of Grizzly Hill School, is concerned, the rocky acreage might as well be the second door of doom.
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Dowling denies halting elections to reprint ballots

Nevada County Superior Court Judge Sean Dowling denied a petition late Friday from Measure S backers to stop distribution of ballots for the Nov. 4 elections, saying it was too late to have them reprinted without significantly disrupting the election process. “Ballots have already gone out and some have been voted and returned,” Dowling said, referring to 330 overseas and military ballots sent out before Sept. 20.
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Spiral Internet gearing up for fiberoptic network in Nevada County

Who: Speakers from Washington D.C. and from Kansas City, first site of Google Fiber. Nevada City-based Spiral Internet is poised to secure a $15.2 million grant from the California Public Utilities Commission to build an underground fiberoptic network offering high-speed Internet access in South Nevada County.
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League of Women Voters to host Measure S debate Oct. 16

With accusations flying faster than drones over Syria after this week’s side-by-side forums, Measure S proponents and opponents have now agreed to a real, actual face-to-face debate next month. The debate on Measure S, the proposed revised medical marijuana cultivation ordinance on the Nov. 4 ballot, will be organized by the local chapter of League of Women Voters.
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Big birthday bash first for new events center (VIDEO)

Robert and Carol Hamilton are frequent donors to area nonprofits and often host fundraisers at their home on Lake Wildwood. So it’s no surprise that singers from Music in the Mountains and InConcert Sierra were the pop-up impromptu entertainers at last week’s 87th birthday party for Robert Hamilton and celebration for the couple’s 45th wedding anniversary.
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Complainant identified in Bigelsen case

A North San Juan dentist filed the initial complaint that led to the arrest of holistic physician Harvey Bigelsen and the closure of his Nevada City clinic March 20, court records indicate. Robert Dickter filed the complaint on Jan. 20, 2012, according to an investigation report prepared by the Medical Board of California and submitted to Nevada County Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson.
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Medical marijuana advocate arrested by Nevada County narcotics task force

A vocal medical marijuana advocate and strong proponent of Measure S, the upcoming ballot measure proposing revisions to the Nevada County medical marijuana cultivation ordinance, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of criminal charges by Nevada County Narcotics Task Force agents. Peceimer, whose bail was set at $10,000 for the felony and $750 for the misdemeanor, is expected to be released Thursday, said his attorney Stephen Munkelt.
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Nevada County's North Star House to be restored as events center

No one was more happy Tuesday that Nevada County gave its blessing to restoring fabled North Star House to its former grandeur than Catherine Conway Gerstung, the great-granddaughter of famed house occupants A.D. and Mary Hallock Foote. “Marian Foote Conway, my mother, would be overjoyed, since she spent quite a few hours up here trying to get somebody interested in the North Star House in 1966, when my grandmother died,” she said.
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5-acre blaze contained

A massive, immediate response by more than 75 firefighters on land and in the air was able to contain a five-acre brush fire Sunday evening in the hills east of Pioneer Park in Nevada City. Although one structure was threatened early on, firefighters using a variety of tools rapidly erased that threat and no structure damage was reported, said Cal Fire Capt.
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Breaking ground on Bridgeport bridge restoration

Kurt and Nancy Lorenz were ecstatic to get a quick tour Tuesday inside the historic Bridgeport Covered Bridge before contractors descend on it this week with engineers, architects, machinery, I-beams and cables. “It’s great to get back in it and smell it,” said Kurt Lorenz, adding that he and his wife are longtime Nevada County residents, Bridgeport Bridge-lovers and members of the San Juan Ridge Citizens League and the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association.
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Taking ‘The Long Walk’ in homeless shoes

Nevada County’s first walk-a-thon for the homeless invites the community to join the party and, at the same time, invoke the experience of being “on the move,” without a home. “It’s not actually a long walk,” said organizer Joanna Robinson of “The Long Walk,” a 1.8-mile trek around the Brunswick Basin area of Grass Valley set for Sept. 6.
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Strong arguments floated pro, con on Nevada County’s Measure S

Nevada County voters will decide Nov. 4 between two radically opposing viewpoints of Measure S, a proposed revision to the county’s existing medical marijuana cultivation ordinance. Which is right? The arguments are so diametrically opposite that thoughtful voters likely will want to take a careful review and comparison of provisions in each.
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Keri Brenner